~Suitcase Carrier~

I found this nice little case on sale at a vintage and antique shop. It looked like a perfect size to carry a few BJDs so I purchased it.

The interior has a wine red lining. It is definitely not a good choice for storing dolls as the color could rub off on them. It is also hard.

My plan was to create a cushy lining for the inside to protect dolls from stains and breakage.

First, I measured the interior dimensions. They were about 10 1/4 x 15 inches ( 26 x 38cm).

The height is 5 inches (12.7cm).
Basically, it fits an average-size male tabby comfortably inside. (They always get in the way when I’m working!)

Here are the case’s future residences.  They are ImplDoll Dream’s Art dolls Belinda and Nancy. I reviewed them a while back.


For the lining material for my case, I first looked for fabric by the yard, but then I happened upon a set of fine-woven microfiber pillowcases at a thrift store.  The material chosen should be soft, smooth and not be able to stain the dolls, so these covers were perfect for the lining.

For this version of the project, I am going to show the easiest and quickest way to turn this case into a carrier for dolls. I will then show a way that takes a little more time.

Besides fabric, you will need the usual sewing items: thread, pins, scissors and optionally some ribbon.


First, cut the fabric into all of the pieces needed, adding an extra 1/4 to each side for seam allowances.

Based on my measurements, for this case I would need:

4 pieces 10 3/4″ x 15 1/2″

4 pieces 10 3/4″ x 5″

4 pieces 15 1/2 x 5″

OR- If you prefer, the material may be cut on a fold and eliminate a seam.  This is what I did. If you do this, you can eliminate the extra material added for 1 seam.

One of the largest rectangles is for the bottom of the case. Sew all but one side.  Turn the material inside out. Using polyester fiber-fill, stuff the pillow, laying out the fiber  inside so the pillow stays relatively flat.

Pin the edges, then machine or hand sew the remaining opening when done.

Here’s the pillow in the bottom of the case.

Sew the other rectangles together making a pillow for each side. The polyester filling can be bulkier than in the bottom one.  They are to be placed in the case as shown to pad the sides.

Ties can be sewn in place to hold the doll or dolls.  Here I have sewn two ribbons by hand to the bottom pillow for Belinda and Nancy.

They are wrapped in their padded material before being tied in.

Inside their cocoons, the dolls are actually laid in like this, head-to-toe:

The second large pillow goes on top of everything like this.

This is a very simple-to-make lining that works very well.  I tried carrying it about, shaking and flipping the case, and the dolls stayed put and remained unscathed.  The Certificate of Authenticity can be tucked under or behind a cushion.  Outfits, wigs and eyes could be stored between or on top of the dolls.

This lining project works best for smaller dolls which weigh less. A larger and heavier doll would need more padding  for protection.

All shapes and types of suitcases, make-up cases, even handbags could make suitable carriers for dolls.  Whether you want a more stylish case to transport your resin kids or simply want to put more than one doll in a single storage container, this may be the project for you.

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