Cumiko Postponed, Umiko Returns

The release for new  Charles’ Creature Cabinet  doll Ume Cumiko – the Squid Girl has been postponed. She will be available on July 7th. The 8cm tall tiny doll will be cast in a glow-in-the-dark resin.

Tiny figure Umiko – Child of the Sea has returned. She may be pre-ordered now.

From the artist Charles Grimberg Stephan:

 ~ Odoroki Kyabinetto ~

Cabinet of Wonders Figurines – Artist/Designer Toys
~Umiko Child Of The Sea ~

**Mythical tiny creatures from the Victorian era**

~Re-Release Limited Edition 2017~

Unique Chance – Limited Numbers Only LE25 Worldwide! 

Umiko Child Of The Sea  – Special Edition –
Pet baby mermaid figurine cast in rose quartz resin and Glow-in-the-Dark color white
Umiko comes blank unpainted. Faceup and tail painting is NOT included.

Optional faceup and tail painting color of choice
Send us an email: charlescreaturecabinet@gmail.com

**Pre-Order open June, 30 2017

10 pm (Europe / Netherlands) 


[Important Notice] Flash Sale and preorder CUMIKO postponed!
** Squid BJD tiny/micro 8cm Glow-in-the-Dark **
New Release Date: Friday July 7, 2017
Time to be announced later.