Miya Doll Sweety and Rosie (corrected)

DOLK (Dolk Station) is taking orders for two BJD sculpts from Miya Doll, Sweety and Rosie. Sweety is 31cm tall and comes with a choice of boy or girl body. Rosie is sold as a head only. Both come in normal, milk tea, cream white or pure white skin resin. Options include a face-up and outfits. Sweety may also be ordered with body blushing.

Sweety will come with several gifts including extra hand parts and a random color pair of resin eyes.The Yukata and school uniform outfit sets (which come in three sizes) may be purchased separately. The order period for the dolls ends July 5th.

From DOLK:

Hello Everyone
Check this new release information.
Cute girl doll and outfit were appeared.
Not only “Sweety” or ”Rosie” but also cute outfits for summer.
They also have commemorate gift event for new release with limited terms.

Don’t miss this chance!!
See more details here “Sweety” or ”Rosie”



Rosie  head