Doll Family – H New Dolls

New dolls and a new body have been introduced at Doll Family – H.

The BJDs include 61.5cm tall Gabriel and 45cm Chiyu and Qing Lang.  A new 1/4 boy body is now available. The dolls may be ordered in resin colors normal pink, normal yellow, white or imported normal pink, normal yellow, white, tan or grey resin.

Gabriel comes with a choice of Version II or III  1/3 body. Qing Lang and Chiyu come with a choice of version I or new version II 1/4 body. All three dolls are sold blank with a random color pair of eyes and an optional face-up in style A or B. They are also sold as  full-sets, with a face-up, wig, eyes and outfit.

Doll Family – H has started a Summer Event.  Discounts on dolls and doll bodies and free gifts are available. The dolls may be ordered from the company’s authorized retailers including  Alice’s Collections.

From the company:

New Doll Promotion (2017.06.28 – 07.31):
* Order Gabriel: 12% off + a pair of jointed hands as gift.

* Order Qing Lang or Chiyu 1/4: 12% off + a pair of normal hands as gift or add USD30 to get a pair of jointed hands.

* 60cm – 72cm Doll or Doll Body: 10% off + jointed hands as gift.
* 45cm Doll: 10% off + normal hands as gift or add USD30 to get a pair of jointed hands.
* 26cm – 38cm Doll: 10% off.
* 26cm – 46cm Doll Body: 10% off.
* Jointed hands: USD65/pair.

Qing Lang