New Griffon & RealFee Dolls

Denver Doll Emporium is taking pre-sale orders for the latest Summer Event releases from Fairyland. They include Fantasy Art Line R-Line Griffin Ruca and Limited Edition RealFee Toki and Coco. DDE offers layaway for purchases.

Fairyland will be taking orders on their own site on June 30th.  The doll’s order period will end August 10th. Limited edition full packages may sell out earlier.

Griffin Ruka may be purchased as a basic doll with a random color pair of eyes in  a choice of natural, beautiful white, pink, violet or agra tan resin. Ruca may be ordered with lion paws or lion hind legs and raptor talon front legs. Options include wings and wing connectors (to attach them to other dolls), sleeping faceplate and eye upgrade. The full package of Ruka will include both faceplates and wings.  Options include wing connectors and eye upgrade.

RealFee Coco and Toki are sold blank in the same resin colors as Ruka. Options for the basic versions include a sleeping faceplate and face-up for 1 or both faces. The full package versions of the dolls come with a face-up for the regular face, eyes, wig, outfit and unpainted sandaled feet. Options include a face-up for the sleeping face and eye upgrade.  The full-set RealFees are limited editions of 250 each.

Fairyland is also offering free gifts with purchase:

** Promotional Giveaways: Tail+Wing Connector set **

Griffin Tail Connector (RealFee Skin Tone) will be given out for orders containing [ RealFee Full/Basic Package + Griffin Full/Basic Package ].
Griffin Tail (Clear Tone) and Tail Connector (RealFee Skin Tone) will be given out for orders containing [ RealFee Full Package + Griffin Full Package ].


Purchase of a RealFee along with Ruka will come with additional parts.  Purchases of $00 or higher will come with additional gifts.  (The may be seen on the FairyLand Blog.)