SWITCH Head Pre-order

SWITCH retailer FaithZ is holding a pre-order for SWITCH 1/3 heads in a choice of two resin colors. The heads are designed to fit Humming Dolly 65boy bodies and other bodies of similar size.

From the store:

The pre-order of Dollvie 2017 After-event SWITCH ‘s special event heads are up now! Rosy White have been added also. Information are as following:
Pre-Order Deadline: 23rd Jun, 2017.
Estimated Shipment: Oct, 2017
Available Quantity: 10pcs per head

For more info and photos, please click the link: In Stock and Pre-Order Head : FaithZ, A Hobby Store for Toys & Collectibles

Heads available:
1.) Seolrok 偰綠 Holy

link: [Pre-Order] SWITCH SNG Seolrok 偰綠 Holy Dollvie 2017

2.) Seolrok 偰綠

link: [Pre-Order] SWITCH SNG Seolrok 偰綠 Dollvie 2017


link:[Pre-Order] SWITCH SNG DOJIN 曙辰 Dollvie 2017

4.) Waseon 臥選

link: [Pre-Order] SWITCH SNG Waseon 臥選 Dollvie 2017