~Argo Dolls~

Argo Dolls (Argonautica Dolls), are BJDs by Russian artist Svetlana (Lany). The artist previously released alien BJDs but has more recently turned to creating human dolls.  The first 1/3 boy, Zet was just released. He joins girls Ifit and Leith.


Q: do you think of your human dolls as part of the same concept as your alien BJDs?

A: They fly together on the same spaceship called Argonautica.

Q: Do you plan to make more alien dolls?

A: Maybe alien heads for the human body. I don’t plan any new alien bodies.

Q: Was there any reason you started with girls?

A: I wanted to make a  base human line, and just started with a girl, and made the boy this year. I will continue to make new heads for these bodies.

Q: Do you find you like working larger rather than smaller?

A: Generally I like and sculpt 1/3 format, as it is more detailed, and I like it more.
1/6th  format is a smaller scale of 1/3 format. I’m working on a 1/4 format too,
Now I am almost ready to release girls in 1/4 format. Also I plan to make 1/4 and 1/6 boys.

I model a doll for  size 1/3, considering the design and more details,
then I reduce the model and change some details of the joints design to make them work after resize. So the 1/3 model is the main size, 1/6 and 1/4 come from them.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your latest doll Zet?

A:  Zet opens the line of 1/3 boys. I’ve worked on him for more than a year with breaks.

Q: Which to you was harder for you to create – the alien dolls or humans and why?

A: About the same, probably the alien is a little more complicated, because he was first, not because of the anatomy.

Q: Do you think of each of your dolls as having a certain personality?

A: Yes, for me my every doll has a personality, but this is a personal thing and I would not like to tell in detail.

Q: Are you working on more heads for the 1/3 dolls now?

A: Yes, two new heads (girl and boy) are in the process of making master models.

Q: Can you tell me more about your 1/4 dolls?

A: Master model of 1/4 female body and two heads (Ifit and Leith) are ready. So release of these two 1/4 dolls will be this summer.
Zet and the 1/4 male body are in the process of being made into master models, so Zet 1/4 release will be later, but definitely this year.

The full set of options for dolls will be the same as for 1/3 and 1/6.

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Face-up A

Face-up B




Face-up A

Face-up B