Hua-Shi-Yun News

For their 9th anniversary, Hua-Shi-Yun is holding an event.  Two random participants will win a free gift.

Currently the shop is accepting pre-orders for fashions until June 28th.

From the store:

Big News!!
It’s Hua Shi Yun 花蒔芸 9th Anniversary!!!!
Sayako (The founder of Hua Shi Yun) has announced a June Giveaway!
Enter to win this printed snowflakes Shirt.
We will draw 2 winners on 6/20. (USA time)

Here are the giveaway rules:

1. Like & Follow Meow BJD

2. Share, Tag #HuaShiYungiveaway
and don’t forget to Like this post! (Public share mode, please)

3. Tag your friends! Let them know !;P’

4. Write which size you wish to win under original post!! (only one of the following sizes)
@Your_friend’s_name I Love Hua Shi Yun! Happy Birthday to you!! I wish to win a 1/4 size!

Size list:
1/4: MSD, Rosen lied Child, MDD, general 43 cm MSD
1/3: DD, Smart doll, and General 58cm SD
13 SD Boy
SD17 Boy (Popo doll 68)

The winner will be announced on June 20th. Good luck!

The color of the prizes are random
The winner pays shipping

Snowflake shirt: