Nova and Mini Released

Nova is now at Migidoll. The 65cm tall BJD is being sold blank with a Guy II body in a choice of normal, white or suntan resin. Options include a face-up, Enchanted Doll eye and the outfit shown. Nova will be available until June 30th.

Also posted is new Mini.  She is a 26cm Love line doll. She comes in the same resin options as Nova.  The doll may be ordered with a boy or girl body. Options for Mini include a face-up, choice of wig and the outfit shown.

The company is offering an event for both dolls.

From the company:

** An aspiring actor “Nova” launch event 

In celebration of the sixth anniversary of Migidoll, we showcase a new style doll ” Style65 Nova – An aspiring actor Limited Ver. “.
“Nova” is a poor actor who dreams of acting actors in 18th century Paris, France.
You can get a 10% discount and a 10% deposit by ordering the beautiful youngster “Nova” within the event period.
This doll is only sold for a limited time. In particular, do not miss this period because you can only buy makeup, eyeballs, and costumes the same as the picture is only one month in June.

Both dolls will be sold in a choice of  normal, white or suntan resin.