Luts Summer Event Releases Pt.1

The dolls for part 1 of the 2017 Luts Summer Event are now available on the website.  They include Senior Delf, Kid Delf and Honey Delf Moonlit Song dolls. A Zuzu Delf Kong is also shown with an assortment of painting styles.  Kid Delf wing sets and  and a new Kid Delf  girl “Romance” body are also being sold.

From the company:

LUTS New releasing Delfs during 2017 Summer Event (1st Release)

* Limited items are sold only for following limited period. 

12:00 p.m. 30th May ~ 17:00 p.m. 30th June 2017

2017 SUMMER EVENT Senior Delf Head (for Gift) 


2017 SUMMER EVENT Kid Delf Head (for Gift) 


Moonlit Song Honey Delf (2 head styles, choice of bodies):

Yul Romance and Yul Elf heads, boy and girl versions

Yul as Satyr and Satyress

Kid Delf: 

Jamong Romance version

Basil, Sweety version

Senior Delf:


Black Youkai ver.


Zuzu Delf Kong:

Mouse, watermelon, cat, melon deer and leopard Kong

Wing sets:

Kid Delf Romance body: