Thunderbull-Kui (Updated)

Thunderbull-Kui is a new limited edition doll from LoongSoul. The 73cm bull anthro BJD is sold as a basic or full-set doll.

Basic Kui will come with a fantasy body and a random color pair of glass eyes, horns, weapon, ear-piercing and earrings. Options include a face-up, body blushing, extra human leg parts, blushing for the doll, blushing on the resin parts, wig and outfit.

Fullset Kui will come with the fantasy body, face-up, body blushing, wig, eyes, weapon, horn blushing and outfit. Human leg parts (blank or blushed) are optionally available.

A human version of Kui is also available.  He is also sold as a basic or full-set doll.

Only 60 sets of Kui will be released. He may be ordered in normal yellow or white resin or imported normal yellow or tan resin. Between now and June 27th, Loongsoul is holding a discount event for Kui. The doll may additionally be ordered from authorized retailers Alice’s Collections and Fabric Friends and DOLLS.

From the company:

New Doll Promotion (2017.05.27 – 06.27):
a. USD40 off for each $400 when ordering Thunderbull-Kui & his related products.
b. 12% off for Thunderbull-Kui Fullset.

Human version Kui