Mai Head

New UK company Phoenix Dolls, after recently releasing their first doll head Elle, are now taking pre-orders for a new head named Mai.

From the company:

Following the successful launch of “Elle” I’d like to introduce you to our second release called “Mei”

This time around we decided to look east for inspiration and I hope you love what we have come up with. We think she looks slightly younger than Elle with a softer expression. We designed her with the thought that if Elle is the more responsible and mature, then Mei is her more reckless counterpart. We purposely gave her a slight knowing smile, I hope you can see and appreciate her more playful side.

She’s available at a reduce price on pre-order. The pre-order period ends on 12th of june so get in quick! After this date she will disappear for at least a month as we prepare her for full release at our regular price.

She has a 10 cm neck size and is in our normal resin, it’s a slightly pale skin tone and matches pure fresh skin near perfectly.

This is for an SD sized BJD body

Wig size: 8
Neck diameter: 10cm
Eye size: 12mm
Resin style: Normal resin (Matches Pure Fresh skin)