Afrodita Dolls

Afrodita Dolls is a new BJD company. Two 1/4 size dolls will be released soon. Limited quantities will be available.

From the artist:

My name is Mai Miyash from Afrodita Dolls, I’m a doll artist and I’m very happy to meet you and to introduce you my first BJDs: Pearl and Jade.

They are handcrafted and are 40 cm (16″) height. I made the molds by sculpting without using any 3d software or 3d printer. Also the resin casting is made by myself using a high quality Polyurethane Resin. These dolls have 21 joints throughout their bodys that allow smooth posing and also have a special articulation in their shoulders for lift them up.

They will be on sale soon. The preorders will start in June 15th, with a very affordable price for introduction. Also layaway will be available. 

You can see a bit more of these girls here:

mai miyash (@afroditadolls) • Instagram photos and videos
Afrodita Dolls