Holiday’s Child ZeZe and LuLu

Rosen Lied will soon release two new Season Limited basic dolls Holiday’s Child ZeZe and LuLu. The 1/4 size dolls are sold blank in normal or white skin resin. They will each include a pair of glass eyes (random color) and outfit (dress, hat, drawers). An optional face-up may be added, with or without lashes.

At this time the company is also distributing a free photo book as a gift with purchases. The offer ends soon.

From Rosen Lied:

Here is the new update list for May 26th.

**The update will be at 7:00 pm (KST/GMT+9)**

[Release of new season limited basic dolls]

Holiday’s Child ZeZe & LuLu

Sales period : May 26th ~ June 26th

New Holiday’s children ZeZe and LuLu will be released.
Holiday’s children are only available as limited or season limited dolls.

* ZeZe and LuLu will be released with new Holiday’s body.
* For orders made within May 28th, 10th anniversary photobook will be given as a present.