Bride and Groom Peppi and Ruppe

In celebration of the wedding season, CocoRiang Peppi and Ruppe are now being cast in white resin and offered in optional bride and groom full-sets.  13cm tall Bride Peppi and 11cm tall Groom Ruppe are sold as blank dolls.  Options include the painting and clothing shown. The dolls are discounted at this time. The pre-order ends June 2nd.

From the company:

Blessing years 2nd concept will be open with 5-15% discount sale of the dolls!!

– Sales plan
* In 22th May, 2nd concept dolls of ‘Year of Bless’ will open
* Period : 22th May – 2th June
* 5% DC : Tobi cream white, Mocka cream white
* 15% DC : wedding concept Peppi & Ruppe
* All discount sales apply for just body of dolls.