Basic Cucu and Pica

Basic Cucu and Pica have returned to DollPamm. The 40cm tall Bobble line basic dolls are sold blank in a choice of milky, pingki, camel or honey skin resin. Options include fist hands, a witch costume and a white resin Nyan-ko kitten.

The limited edition violet and mint versions of Pica and Cucu  are also available. They come with default eyes, wig, witch outfit and shoes. Optional face-up, hand and foot blushing, fist hands and blushing for fist hands may be added, A free Nyan-ko cat in a choice of blue-grey or white resin is included with a violet or mint doll. Painting and witch costume for the cat may be optionally added. The order period will run from May 20th, 2017 to June 12th, 2017 (Korea time)