Lati Basic Pre-order Open

Latidoll is holding a short order period for basic Yellow and White dolls.  A free gift head is being offered with qualifying purchases. The dolls may be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  Options include a choice of version I or II body, face-up, wig, basic outfit and shoes.

From the company:

Hello this is Lati.

1. Basic Sales
Duration :11th May, 2017 ~ 31st May, 2017(3 weeks)

2. Event Head
This is a special occasion!!
If you purchase Basic doll worth more than USD240 in the first 10 days of sales open(11th May~20th May), “Chu ver. S.Belle head(Normal skin)” will go to you!!!
(Please be noted that glass eyes and make-up are not included)

*If you are interested in ordering options for “Chu ver. S.Belle head”, you can place an order through the link below :
(Please be noted that if customers who don’t buy more than USD240 of Basic doll within the period mentioned above order the event head options, the order is automatically cancelled.)

3. You can meet new head G.Yuri and Elly this time!

Chuu S. Belle head