~Nano Rabi and Freya – A Review~

Hujoo Doll has been producing both ABS plastic and resin ball jointed dolls for a long time. Their ABS anthro animals have been one of their most popular lines of dolls. Collectors love them because they are less expensive than resin, and they are fun to customize and carry around without the worry of yellowing or chipping.

The 23cm nano-size cat dolls were previously reviewed here back in 2014 as the 2014 New Year’s Babies. Not long ago however, Emory of the Junkyspot received a shipment of the latest limited edition purple Rabi and Freya from the company and was surprised to discover that Hujoo had, without fanfare, upgraded them with new double joints.

Both Rabi rabbit and Freya cat are cast in purple.  The intense purple color tends to show any flaws from casting, so there are some light spots, most noticeable was one here on top of our Rabi’s head, where sprews were attached.  These marks were pointed out in the description of the dolls on the Junkyspot website. They are not considered damage.

The dolls stand on their own, but not quite as well as the earlier version.  The feet are slightly smaller, and they have a habit of pointing downward. Freya came with a tail and two magnets, but we did not bother using them with our doll.  The new magnet set-up is less bulky than the older design since it uses smaller magnets. To install the larger magnet is taped on the doll and the smaller magnet is glued into the tail.

Cat tail with smaller and larger magnet.

Both Nano Rabi and Freya have the same body, so we used just one doll for joint comparison. The body is genderless. For our review, purple Freya was compared to an older light grey Freya.

The older Freya is able to touch her face including chin, cheek, ear, eye, nose and mouth. The new Freya can do the same plus touch the back of her neck. Her arm curls more and the poses appear more fluid. Her shoulder joints include a disc that allows even more flexibility.

Old Frey left, new Freya right

View of new Freya showing shoulder and elbow joints

The legs show even greater differences.  The new double joint can curl almost completely back, while old Freya can only bend the knee in a sitting position. (The upper leg of purple Freya looks like she has an upper thigh joint, but the upper leg is actually solid.)

Lying Freya on the floor, and posing the dolls legs and waist joint, you can see that she can take more elaborate poses. With a stand, she could be quite a kitty ballet dancer!

New Freya flexing her knee and upper torso

 The waist moves well on both dolls.  Other than a small added shelf on the lower back torso of purple Freya, they are about the same.

The original dolls are nice, but after comparing them, the new double joints do make a significant difference in posing the doll which adds to their enjoyment. The purple color was also fun to work with. Rabi and Freya will make great travelling companions.