Limited Pumpkin in 2 Versions

Pumpkin is a limited edition “fat baby doll” by  artist YG of Be With You. He is being released as part of the company’s 4th anniversary event. The 30cm tall BJD comes in a regular and “swag” version. Pumpkin is the big brother doll to AmonD.

Pumpkin may be ordered in normal, white or chocolate skin resin. He is sold blank  with three hand sets. Options include a 2nd head, face-up and a variety of special hand sets.

A number of limited edition 28cm dolls have returned including AmonD, Potato, Cabbage and smiling versions of  Oriental Melon, Ping Guo, Cherry and Kiwi (see separate post HERE).

All of the dolls are available to order until June 7th.


Big Brother Pumpkin next to AmonD

Pumpkin Swag version