Ringdoll Easter Event Extended

Ringdoll’s Easter event has been extended. It will now end May 20th. Free gifts are offered with qualifying purchases.

From the company:

Ringdoll Easter Event 2017


1.Order over 150USD,can get a doll stand for free,

2.Order over 280USD,can get accessories of 30USD for free,

3.Order over 380USD,can get accessories of 50USD for free,

4.Order over 580USD,can get an Easter seal for free.

5.Order over 780USD,can get an Easter seal and a basic doll head for free.


1.The shipping cost is not included in the order total.
2.Accessories can be eyes,wigs,shoes,outfits and other accessories for your option,with or within the value listed.
3.Easter seal is specially-designed for the event and can not be purchased seperately.
4.The event can be combined with other Ringdoll event.
5.The gift doll head can not be sold out or limited style.
5.Layaway is acceptable.Please email to sales@ringdoll.com for more.
6.Ringdoll dealers are included in the event.

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How to join in :Please contact — sales@ringdoll.com