Tan Skin Sezz

Immortality of Soul has a limited time special offer for Sezz . He is available in light tan or tan resin. Sezz is being sold as a head-only or as a full 70cm doll. The body may also be purchased separately.

From the company:

The most popular doll SEZZ will have two tan skin color options during the limited period. For this period, we will offer 20~15% price off of the Sezz.

1. Limited Period Order (non-limited quantity)

* Order period : 4.28.2017~5.31.2017

* The shipping period : 7.10.2017~7.31.2017


2. 20~15% Price Off

* Sezz Head only : 15% Off

* Sezz Head+Body or Body only : 20% Off


3. Open Two types of Tan skin Color option

* Light Tan skin

* Tan skin