Pidgin Doll Update

Pidgin Doll, at the request of BJDcollectasy, has sent photos of the hands for both the 1/4 and 1/6 scale versions of Pidgin.  The new doll’s hands were based on those of the smaller doll.

The hands, when seen up close, do not resemble MiniFee hands. They are stylized, and are unlike the realistic look the Fairy Land doll. They also resemble the smaller Pidgin’s hands. A previous post on the Pidgin body changes was posted  HERE last week. As the main issues regarding similarities between Pidgin and MiniFee have been addressed, at this time, BJDcollectasy will continue to cover Pidgin Doll. This is in line with our previous policies dating as far back at the earliest DollZone doll copying allegations.

The article on the artist and his work may be found HERE.

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