Fantine Pre-order Open

The new faun by Nympheas Dolls is now available. She is named Fantine. The doll is sold blank in a choice from two resin colors. Extra resin accessories are also sold.  Her pre-order runs for only 1 week.

From the artist:

Fantine preorder

Hello everybody 🙂

The little sister of Fanny is ready, her name is Fantine, she is a small deer of 13 cm!
Her joints differ a little from her big sister, the thighs are more outside to allow a better range of motion
I keeps the articulation of the chest which allows it to pivot a part of the body, the tail and ears are also articulated.
Her curved ensure to make graceful and stable poses. The ‘Deericorn’ set includes a magnetic horn and a winged saddle that attaches with a ribbon, the wings are also mobile.
Fantine will come with a pair of acrylic eyes. Make-up and the Deericorn set are optional. Payments can be made in several installments, up to 6 months free of charge!
The pre-order opens on the 1st of May and closes on the 7th May, the colors proposed are Sweet candy (a very soft pale pink) and Butter (a nice tan / caramel)
ATTENTION it will be the only pre-order for Fantine in these Colors 😉
Thank you all for your love & support <3

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