~Kaye Wiggs: New Directions~

Popular BJD artist Kaye Wiggs has been working with her casting company to produce new sizes of her dolls.  The 13 inch Mini line dolls Layla and Laryssa Faun and an 11 inch version of Talyssa have been released so far.  More re-sized dolls will be coming soon including a “teeny” size line.

From Grace at Jpop Dolls (exclusive retailer for Kaye’s dolls):

“I love the new smaller versions of the dolls.  As a collector I love my KW doll collection, and the new smaller versions have made me love my original dolls even more and made my collection just that much more exciting!  I for one would love to see every KW doll made in all 3 of the new sizes, but we will see.”
“Right now we have Teeny Gracie, she is able to wear some Kelly clothes (the tiny sister of Barbie),  the 10 inch Tiny Talyssa can wear some Blythe clothing, and the 14 inch Layla can wear slim yosd, and Ellowyne Wilde clothes that are not busty.”
“I have shoes and boots on Jpop now for the Tiny Talyssa and will add more.  I am designing new wigs for all sizes and will get shoes in as well.”


Q: Wow!  Our last interview was about Tobi!  That was in 2012.  So I guess my first question would be, what have you been up to since then?

A: Bit hard remembering what I have done since Tobi, I think it has been quite a lot of dolls!

I think Talyssa, Essie (she is a doll I named after my Grandmother), Yani the little aboriginal girl, Maurice (my fist boy), Gracie, Abby, Lenny, Missy (probably missed some!!) and now we are downsizing some of the dolls to 14″, 11″  and 5″ versions.

Q: Whose idea was it to create the new sizes?

A: It was my idea to downsize the dolls. I had to talk Grace into it!!

I had tried a number of times to sculpt Miki and Layla in our tiny size and had not been pleased with the results, so when I got a message from the factory to say they could downsize using 3D printing I jumped at the chance.

Q: What dolls have been re-sized so far?

A: We have downsized Laryssa, Layla and Miki to 14″ size using the downsized Abby body so far and may do more yet.

We have downsized Talyssa to 11″ using the MeiMei body and will probably do MeiMei in that size too.

We have just introduced a teeny one … Teeny Gracie … I’ve attached a couple of pics for you to see. These are just quickie pics … I need to get some better pics of her.

Q: Will all the dolls be new versions of previous dolls?

A: For now we are only downsizing some of our previous dolls, but I will very likely sculpt a new head to fit the downsized bodies at some time in the future. I like the size … it’s so easy to handle and carry around … and  they don’t take up much space.

The body is exactly the same except smaller … the factory downsized them using 3D so they look the same.

I’ve taken a pic of some of my dolls together so you can see the different sized … tallest  to smallest is SD size at back, next tallest is our MSD size (we have 2 .. one is slightly smaller then the other and one each side of the tallest doll) .. then our new 13″ size and our 11″ size and the teeny 5.5″ size in the arms of Missy (our taller MSD size). The little 11″ size is the same size as out previous tiny dolls.
So we now have SD, MSD, 13″ Mini, 11″ Tiny and 5.5″ Teeny.

The 13″ Mini, 11″ Tiny and 5.5″ teeny shown in this pic are all downsized from our previous MSD size dolls.

Q: So finally, when will we begin to see the newest size?

A: The tiniest size will probably be up for pre-order within the next 2 months … maybe sooner.
The 11″ size Talyssa was released a couple of months ago and the 13″ size Layla has just finished her pre-order (as far as I know). The 13″ Tan Laryssa was offered as a limited doll for the Pacific North West Doll Expo coming up in mid May.

Teenie Grace

Mini Layla

Mini tan Laryssa Faun

Tiny Talyssa in 3 resin colors

Tiny Ta

Tiny Talyssa with larger Talyssa

From largest to smallest: Mini Layla, Tiny Talyssa and Teenie Gracie

Miki fair skin

Miki tan skin