Seth and Abel

Alice’s Collections has announced that Doll Legend is holding a sale event. The company has also released two new BJDs, 61cm tall Seth and 70cm tall Abel. Both dolls are sold blank with a pair of eyes and optional face-up or as full-sets. Abel and Seth may be purchased in opaque normal pink, normal yellow or white resin or in the translucent imported resin colors shown below.

From the store:

Doll Legend 3rd Anniversary Event is beginning, event period: 2017.04.29 – 2017.05.20, and there are two new dolls released.
a. New Dolls Abel, Seth: 10% off + a pair of jointed hands as gift.
b. All other dolls: 10% off.
c. Doll Body: 10% off.
d. Jointed Hands: USD65/pair.