Charm Doll News

Charm Doll has introduced a new 1/4 size doll line.  The first three dolls released are Nancy, Randy and limited edition Renard. All may be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tanned  colored resin. Nancy is 42cm tall while Randy is 45cm.  Renard comes with a choice of boy or girl body.

Randy and Nancy are sold blank with optional face-up, body blushing and wig and eyes. Renard is also sold blank, but in addition to the basic options, the outfit shown is also available. Only 60  of the dolls will be sold. All three dolls are 20% off until May 22nd.

In addition, Charm Doll has just started a Labor Day Event.  All of their larger dolls and doll bodies are now being sold at a 17% discount. This event will end May 31st.

Charm Dolls may be purchased from their  authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections.