Virginia – Fragile Beauty Released

The new girl by Amadiz Studio, Virginia – Fragile Beauty, is now available. Virginia is 60.5cm tall and and comes in a choice of milky, peach cream, bisque and chocolate.

Virginia may be ordered in a choice from 3 breast size, 2 types of hips (flexible or static) and 2 styles of hands (standard and expressive). She will include both flat and high heel feet. Ballet feet are being sold separately.Other options include sanding service, face-up and body blushing. Outfits and wigs for the doll are also sold by Amadiz. Layaway is available.

The first 10 people that order Virginia will receive a discount on their purchase.

From the company:

Virginia is a limited doll and it will be available for order from April 28 to May 29. Besides, only 50 dolls available.
Sales will start at 6 pm Moscow time. Moscow time zone GMT + 3.​

We are glad to inform you, that first 10 customers may get a 10% Discount for a doll (in a case of full payment only; this code couldn’t be used with layaway option). Try to use a coupon code LUCKY10 to purchase this doll with a 10% discount and become one of the first ten lucky owners of Virginia by Amadiz Studio for a lower price.