Pidgin Doll Body Update

The artist and owner of Pidgin Doll has contacted BJDcollectasy with updated information. The current doll for sale will not have the MiniFee-style body shown on Den of Angels.  A new body was produced.

According to Joshua McKenney, ‘The joints in question have been changed since DoA posted the ban, and no doll with the minifee inspired joints were sold; only one prototype was made. I had openly admitted to being inspired by the minifee jointing system and to sculpting something similar for my doll but I did NOT recast the joints and I have the process photos to prove it.  The joints in question have been simplified so there are no similarities between the dolls jointing anymore.”

“The hands and elbows are the same, I felt they weren’t such a definable design, just a double jointed elbow with a lock and magnetic hands. Also since none of the joints were cast from minifee joints they aren’t interchangeable and they act differently.”

The artist hopes to have a new resin prototype soon, and he will release more photos when it has arrived.