Dotories Emily

Emily is a new Dotories line girl at MuDoll. The 28cm BJD comes in normal or white skin resin. Emily is sold blank with a random color pair of Glib acrylic eyes and a random wig. Options for the doll include a face-up, upgrade to Meister Glass eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. For a limited time, the company is offering free extra hands for the doll plus a special offer for a full-set. They are also currently offering a discount event that ends April 30th.

From MuDoll:

This is Dotories new kid, Emily!!!

She is so adorable!!!

This is Dotories basic set, BJD+eyes+wig in a set.

Also basic faceup, outfit or shoes can be selected as an option.

For event full set is including all the options in the model picture (basic faceup+glass eyes+mohair wig+outfit dress set+loafer shoes), 

it is the free upgrading set on glass eyes and mohair wig.

This Event full set is only available by 26th May 2017.

 Celebrating the new Dotories kid, Emily, the additional hand parts will be presented by 26th May.

Please visit Flickr  for more pictures!

>>>> Emily’s album at Flickr!