Poppedijn: Winter’s Death

FreakStyleBJD will release the first OOAK Poppedijn on the website on May 1st. The artist plans to sell the doll only in OOAK versions.

From the artist:

Poppedjn: Winter’s Death will be available for sale on May 1. Please, visit the website for more information. Layaway up to NINE terms available.

Face-up and body blushing are done by Shiny Pawprint.

[Poppedijn: Old Dutch word combining the words “your” and “doll”]

“Somewhere deep within Fairytale Land, lives a little person. Only 30cm tall, seemingly genderless, changing appearance whenever it wants. Poppedijn is its name. It is said that when you befriend it, joy will follow you where-ever you go.”