Lie Er and Yu Lang

Two new dolls by LoongSoul are available at a discount price at this time. They may be purchased through the company or their international retailer Alice’s Collections.

The BJDs may be ordered in any of LoongSoul’s resin colors including normal pink or white or imported normal pink, white, normal yellow, real skin or tanned skin. They may be purchases as basic dolls or as limited edition full-sets (only 60 of each full-set doll will be released).

Options for basic dolls include a face-up, body blushing, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes.  The full-set include everything except the body blushing which may be added.

The discount event for  Lie Er and Yu Lang cannot be combined with the company’s  gift bust event .

From AC:

LoongSoul two new Limited dolls are released: Lie Er & Yu Lang

New Doll Promotion:
12% off for Fullset doll till May 11th.
10% off for nude doll till May 11th.

Lie Er is a 68cm doll, can also choose LoongSoul 73cm body.
Yu Lang is a 73cm doll, can also choose LoongSoul 80cm body.

Lie Er:

Yu Lang:

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