Everett Head

FreedomTeller’s new BJD head, Everett, is now being sold. The head may be used with SD17 boy and SD16 girl and similar size bodies. A choice of face-up is optionally available.

“School of Wales” uniform sets have also been released. They come in larger and smaller 1/3 sizes.

From the company:

We’re happy to inform you that we’ve made our new head and limited clothes.

Freedom Teller’s new head ‘EVERETT’ has been released.

The head is fraternal twins concept to a British private school,
It could be implemented as a boy or a girl by faceup
It could work with most of SD sizes body, but we recommend SD16 & SD17 size body.

* This head will sell all the time, and we will not get the makeup anytime, it will work like pre-order.
* The first makeup pre-order will work with the new head.

It has also been released a private school uniform ‘School of Wales’ which is great with the new head.

* You could customize the piping color of the jacket by yourself.
* We are also prepared MSD and Holiday size this time.
* Mini uniform are available in 15 sets of each size only. (15 pieces of MSD, 15 pieces of Holiday)

For more information, please check the detail on the selling page.

– Pre-order period: 2017.04.12 ~ 2017.04.30
– Shipping period: 2017.05.12 ~ 2017.05.31

* Shipment will be shipped sequentially within the period according to order. If there are lots of orders, then shipping could be delayed.

Everett boy and girl, Senior uniforms

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