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Akabara Studio is now taking orders for both a demon version of Elizabeth and for demon wings for Lady Cat dolls.

21.5cm tall Elizabeth comes with a choice of human or demon legs (or both sets) and regular or wing torso (or both torso parts). The doll is solds blank with an optional face-up.

From the artist:

I’m more than happy to announce that the studio is ready to accept orders for the Little Demon version of our Elizabeth.

She’s available in normal, tan and light greys colors. Also you can contact us and order the doll in any color we have on our site (and even more )

For the second news Akabara re-introduce foldable wigs for the Lady Cats dolls – Laura and Constance.
The site doesn’t have color choice option for the wings since we want them to be to our customers’ liking, so just contact us and we’ll discuss what color you want.

Please, contact if got any question!

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