Stella Pre-order Open (Updated)

Rhonda Ingram of Creamsoda BJD is back with a new BJD named Stella.  Her pre-order will run for one month. Video of the making of Stella and photos of the finished prototype are now posted on the artist’s website. The 1/4 size doll can wear many  1/6 size clothes and shoes. A 2 or 3-part layaway is available.

“Desert sand” skin Stella may be ordered blank or with a face-up (with or without freckles). Customers may also add hand blushing with French manicure or full blushing and/or sueded joints.  She is also sold as a full-set with a face-up, body blushing, sueding, natural fur wig and a choice of outfit (3 styles available).

The doll may now also be ordered from American retailer Denver Doll Emporium.

From the artist:

My newest cutie pie is 40cm tall with an oversized head
and 18 points of articulation.

I can hardly wait to see what everyone does with this expressive little girl.

Stella will be available for preorder until May 10th.

Delivery of dolls will start about 60-90 days after the end of preorder.

Outfit A

Outfit B

Outfit C



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