EID and SID Fashion Update

New clothes for Iplehouse EID and SID size dolls are now at FreedomTeller. Both Muscle and Model body-sized EID items are available.

Two blue suits, one solid and one plaid come with a jacket and trousers. The vest is an optional addition. Three shirts are offered, a white tux shirt, a white shirt with lace, and a floral print shirt. A dressing gown in blue with white piping is also being sold.
From the company:

From the company:

[UPDATE] Update EID, SID man’s suit [Color me Blue!]

We’re happy to inform you that we’ve made our new EID, SID man’s update in a long time.

The [Color Me Blue] series has received a great attention due to the color and pattern of the suit that has been diversified recently.
In addition, the new sensibility of the suit has been created by matching romantic shirts.

We have updated EID and SID sizes this time.
Please get away from stereotypes and create your own unique sensibility suit!

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