Cynical Shion

For April, Migidoll is offering a pre-order for Cynical Shion. He may be purchased as a basic doll or as a head only. The head is sold blank in normal or white resin, and the 65cm tall full doll comes in normal, white or suntan resin. An optional face-up may be added. A wig, outfit, and Enchanted Doll eyes may be added to the full-doll purchase. The company is offering events to coincide with the pre-order.

From Migidoll:

New Style type doll [Cynical Shion] release event!!

Migidoll will release Cynical Shion with plentiful events.

First, Cynical Siho head & set 20% off during event.
Second, Cynical Shion head & set 10% point of purchase amount will be saved.
Third, please make an affectionate reivew after buying our Cynical Shion head & set. You will get 20 points additionally.

Hope your great interest.