Granado V-08

A new VIPO series head, V-08 will be available soon at Granado. A limited number of heads will be released.

From the company:

Thank you for your support the Granado!
Today, VIPO series welcome the 8th member.
V-08 will be limited to 25 contracts, $170 each. (20 for VIPs, 5 for Public)


To enter the draw for the contracts, you must be one of our VIPs.
(members who have purchased one or more dolls from Granado).

**How to Enter the Draw**
If you are interested, please email us your certificate number to dpp.doll@gmail.com
with the subject line “Draw for V-08”.
Your name or previous order ID would be needed in the mail.

Opening Date: 5 Apr 2017
Closing Date: 11 Apr 2017

Winners will be announced on: 12 Apr 2017
Winners must place the order for their V-08s by 17 Apr 2017

**For Winners**
Special instructions will be emailed to you regarding how to make payment for your V-08.

**For Public**
We will hold 5 of V-08 contracts to the public.
And if there are any unclaimed V-08 Contracts, they will also be released to the public for $170 each on 19 Apr 2017.
After you have made the payment, you will automatically become our VIP and can enjoy our special offers in future.