~Angell Studio Alina~

Review of the company’s 1/4 girl BJD

Alina is the first 1/4 size BJD by Angell Studio that I have added to my collection. I thought this would be the perfect doll to order in one of the company’s translucent resin colors, so I chose their pink shade. The difference in resin was apparent the moment I unzipped her pouch.  The resin has a slightly cool delicate rosey-white tone.

Alina has ears with tips that point back from her face. Her full-set versions, in pale pink or green were called “Peach Spirit”, so she was designed to be a mythological creature.

Alina stands easily out of the box.  She has upper thigh joints, and I was able to pose her repeatedly on her feet with little effort mostly by turning a leg at the thigh to balance her. The thigh joint never slipped out of place on it’s own, so her stance was solid.

After adding a very basic face-up, I became even more pleased with my resin choice.  The doll has an almost pearly quality to her skin which is quite lovely.

The elbows and knees are both double jointed. As you can see in the photos, the arms are capable of holding still even when the arm is paused mid-bend.  There are shelves on the back of the elbow to hold it in place at full bend.

The knees are as good as the arms at holding a pose. There are several shelf-rests in the thigh joint. The knees have a shelf-rest on the lower part of the joint to hold the calf in place.

The waist joints also do their job well, moving and pivoting smoothly. There is a rest at the bottom of the torso to lock it to the hip and at the top of the torso to arch the upper body backward.

The Angell Studio 1/4 body gives the impression that years of doll improvements went into perfecting its poseability. The design is fine-tuned and responsive to use. Alina has a classically pretty face and adorable ears. Her resin is excellent in quality and is especially lovely due to its translucence.  For collectors that like fantasy creatures, Alina would make an excellent fairy or other type of ethereal being.