LE Sweet Chocolate

Bambicrony has released  limited edition 1/3 girl Sweet Chocolate in sugar tan resin.  Customers may also order the head only or the Sweet DayDream (sleeping) head. The heads come in normal, white or tan skin resin.  A face-up may be ordered for both the full doll and the heads.

From the company,

SUGAR(Tan) – Sweet Chocolate
* SUGAR tan Order Period : From 24th. March. 2017 ~ 24th. April. 2017
*Link – Bambi Crony-for you & dolls

■ Bagic Description

SUGAR Tan (Head+Body. tan skin)
Glass eyes 18~20mm (random color)
Default BOX , Product Certificates

■ Size of BELLEZZA
-Tall: 58cm
-Eye: 18~20mm
-head(wig): 8~9inch

More Than SWEET * Sweet DayDream
* Sugar Head or Sleeping SUGAR Head only (Sales Period : 3/24~4/24)
* Link – Bambi Crony-for you & dolls

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