Mini Layla

Jpop Dolls has announced the release of a new version of Layla by artist Kaye Wiggs. Mini Layla is being cast in fair skin resin. She will come with a face-up in a regular or freckled version. This time, the wigs shown on the doll will be available separately.

From the company:

Please welcome Mini Layla, one of the most beloved dolls by Kaye Wiggs now in a mini version.
Layla is fully poseable, on mini msd body.

Preorder end April 18, 2017.

Sept/Oct Delivery

The dress was made by Galina from Russia

Layla comes with RANDOM COLOR glass eyes! You cannot chose the color.

Mini Layla is 14 inches tall.
She takes 12mm glass eyes.
Mini Layla can wear most slim Yosd shoes 43mm to 45mm long.

Due to customers demand, now we will take pre orders on the wigs Layla is wearing.
Please note, we cannot be sure that wigs will arrive before or after Layla.
We ask that you purchase those in separate orders.
The preorder for wigs will close at the same time as Layla.