~Three Little Imps~

After falling for Moca Bunny from DollPamm, I HAD to have some  of Dr. Mez’s tiny Bebe Imps!  Each called to me with their cute little squints and pouts and their stubby little horns.  Now I am the proud owner of not just one, but the all three of these cute little character dolls.

My 11cm tall Imps are not just any ordinary ones, but the whole imp family in the limited edition special resin colors!  Boo is cast in a turquoise blue color, Roo in a raspberry color and Yoo is a fleshy yellow hue.  They have similar bodies, but my Yoo and Roo are boys and Boo is a girl.  The dolls have the same bodies as the Bebe line toddlers. Each doll comes with a choice of boy or girl body.

My EMS  package also included some tasty snacks. ^^

Each of my dolls also came with a pair of plastic shoes, a baby pacifier and blank white resin club.

The little BJDs have perfectly sanded seams and single jointed elbows and knees. The arms still pose almost as well as many dolls with double joints. Each imp can touch its face and temples and ears, but their arms and tiny hands are too short to reach the top of their large round heads. The heads have magnets inset in the top so Bebe size cat ears could be separately ordered and attached. There is no waist joint, but the legs swivel well in their hip sockets.  The knees are limited to a simple bend and cannot do too much beyond that. Still, I don’t need them to do serious acrobatics.

Sadly, due to weather issues, the dolls could not have their face-ups painted yet.  Seeing them blank however, still shows off their various cute expressions.

While they are called imps, Roo, Yoo and Boo appear to be similar to Japanese Oni and Kijo (boy and girl demons). They each come with an oni-like kanabō or spiked club, and in their official photos the dolls are wearing animal print patterns similar to the animal skins worn by these yōkai. They are more like anime demons though, as they are not remotely scary!

I have plans for these little guys.  In addition to face-ups and outfits for them, I have a basic homemade dollhouse I found a few years ago at Goodwill that would totally suit them. I hope to bring them back later to show the finished project.