Ruiing and Allen Final Pre-order

Stacy’s Pink Ocean has announced that Miracle Doll will be discontinuing 1/3 boys Ruiing and Allen on March 25th. Both dolls may be purchased as heads only or as full dolls. They come in normal, white or tan skin resin. A face-up may be optionally added.  Ruiing’s clothing is also available. SPO offers layaway for purchases.

Links from SPO:

Sale page(Head):
Ruiying normal and white edition head-MiracleDoll 1/3 BOY – stacyspinkocean.com
Ruiying tan edition head- MiracleDoll 1/3 BOY – stacyspinkocean.com

Salepage(Whole doll):Ruiying-MiracleDoll 65cm BOY – stacyspinkocean.com

Sale page(head):Allen expression head- MiracleDoll 1/3 BOY – stacyspinkocean.com

Sale page(whole doll):Allen-MiracleDoll 65cm BOY – stacyspinkocean.com