Resin Market

Resin Market is a new BJD market place to buy and sell resin dolls.

From RM:

Hi! I’d like to introduce a new BJD Marketplace called Resin Market!

We just launched the site today. The popular EGL clothing marketplace known as Lace Market operates on the same Circlly platform.

The platform works similarly to ebay, however it is entirely FREE to list items to it. The only catch is just the site does have ads and there is no cart built into the site for checkout. You’ll need to work with the seller after purchase and buy the item using a service such as Paypal, just like doing so here on DoA or Facebook.

The current rules are basically exactly the same as DoA, however I am allowing Smart Dolls as well. I’m hoping to see how this goes and we can always make changes as needed as the site grows.

I’ve been working on this for a few months, so I hope things work well for everyone! I’ve done my best to try to make a happy medium on options between DoA’s current listing options and Circlly’s interface. I built all the graphics as well. I am hoping this marketplace will help provide a better way to keep track of feedback on buyers and sellers as well as having a user friendly interface in a centralized location.