Lati in Jungle Released

Lati in Jungle is now at Latidoll.  Six 16cm tall Lati Yellow dolls are available including Angry Tiger Happy, Brilliant Blue Bird Elly, Foolish Monkey Haru, Timid Hippo Berry, Little Girl Jia, and Brave Tarzan Benny. Free gifts will be available for purchases made during the first week of the dolls’ release.

From the company:

Duration : 27th February, 2017 ~ 20th March, 2017 (Korean time basis)

* Special offer for “Jungle in Lati”

1. “Chu ver. S.Belle” head (glass eyes and make-up not included) will go to all the customers who purchase at least 1 Limited doll within seven days after new release sales opening.

2. For customers who purchase at least one full set package within seven days after new release sales opening, newly launched “heart shaped hand parts”(one pair) will be given as a gift.

This is the first time to meet “Berry” as part of New Limited, “Jungle in Lati”

Hope you love “Jungle in Lati” with cutest friends!!

Chu version S.Belle

Little Girl Jia

Brave Tarzan Benny

Timid Hippo Berry

Angry Tiger Happy

Brilliant Blue Bird Elly

Foolish Monkey Haru