Roni and Lodi

Roserin Dolls will soon open a pre-order for Roni and Lodi. The 1/6 size children will come in a choice of normal or white resin. They come with “angel” (sexless) bodies. The dolls will be sold at a discount.

From the artist:

I’m renewing the body of Roni and Lodi.
Before renewal, discount sale is done by composition of existing body.
The sales amount will change after renewal.
You can choose face-up as an option, but the eye and wig are not included.
Customers wishing to order a wig can order from a wig category.
The prices of Rnni and Lodi being sold in the mall have also changed.

Order period : February 22, 12:00 ~ February 23, 23:00(Korea time)