Rosen Lied for March

Rosen Lied has posted their plans for the month of March early. They have a busy schedule coming up with the release of a new Holiday’s Child doll, and a Holiday Party pre-order for basic HC dolls. Limited edition dolls will also be released next month.

From the company:

Hello, everyone, this is Rosen Lied.
Here is our schedule for March.

– March 1st

Rosenlied will not be working on March 1st due to national holiday.
There will be no problem with shopping on our site but help desk and shipping will not be available.
All service will be available on regular basis from the next day (March 2nd).

– March 3rd

Update of basic items

– March 10th ~ 12th

[Holiday’s child renewal event]

Online – Holiday’s Party with Rosenlied

* Release of new type “Holiday’s Child Fairy Bambi”

* New Holiday’s child body will be released on end of April to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rosen Lied.

There were many requests for re-release, so for customers who were unable to visit Rosenlied’s party,
we are opening full-choice order of Holiday’s child online as well. (No makeup, No outfit)
This is the last sale for old version body.

* Sales period : March 10th 19:00 ~ March 12th 24:00
* Price : 408
* Skin type : Normal / White
* Make up option is not available.

* After March, Holiday’s child Fairy Bambi will be only available as full set limited doll, or through off-line events.
* If order quantity exceeds the maximum limit of dolls that can be prepared
within the preparation date, sales may end earlier than schedule.
* After “Party with Rosenlied Online” period, old version body will not be available.
* Offline Rosenlied Party will be held around end of year 2017.

– March 17th

Update of new basic items

– March 24th

Monday’s Child Limited Bambi (White skin)
Limited to 10
Makeup by Uyuchagongbang
Outfit by Uyuchabongbang

Monday’s Child Limited Bambi (White skin)
Limited to 10
Makeup by Kana
Outfit by GiGiker

* Rosen Lied’s website renewal is scheduled for March. Please look forward to it~

* We thank everyone who has been waiting for 2017 Rosenlied’s party!!
This April is the 10th anniversary of Rosen Lied. Rosen Lied is preparing new celebration gift.
Please look forward to our new dolls as well!