5th Pre-order

artBimong has opened the 5th pre-order period. This will be the last pre-order. The company will then concentrate on completing orders and shipping them.

From Bimong:

We apologize that the delivery is delayed than promised date as supplementation
and research about new joint take more time than expected.

Therefore, after this 5th Pre-order we, Bimong Doll, have decided to receive no more orders
and focus on completing the delivery first until it is finished.

Firstly, we would like to give credibility and relief to our customers
who are going to purchase and have purchased already.

Secondly, we would like to prepare the environment that we can concentrate on
making goods to provide more satisfying dolls to customers.

The future sales method is going to hold inventories beforehand as we did in the past.
We plan prompt delivery within 3-7days.

Also we are going to prepare the limited edition decided full option concept.

We do not sell the gift-parts of the limited edition separately to give them rareness and value.

All deliveries are going to be completed in sequence within 1~3months after finishing 5th pre-order.

Even though we aim to finish all deliveries in a month after order,
we do our best you to receive within 90 days at the latest.
There are going to be no new sales before completing all deliveries, please understand it.

Bimong Doll are going to open all line-up prepared perfectly after completing all deliveries.

——–Scheduled line-up of Bimong Doll———-
(1)*65Narin & 60Narae couple
(2)*40Narin & 40Narae New couple + Classic couple
(3)*Dandelion 51cm New body
(4)*Chuu&Chuubi New body 27cm couple
(5)*Shahti New body 16 inches Fashion Doll
(6) Other parts/ Animals/ Characters

Reopening of Bimong Doll is scheduled during April or May when all deliveries will be completed.
We are going to sell goods finished copy every month limitedly.

We promise seeing you again with higher quality dolls after finishing the research for the rest of the period.

And Finally, we highly appreciate customers giving good ideas about the part of body and joint working.

Every precious your opinion is always the biggest power for us.

With a deep sense of gratitude

Sincerely yours,

Instagram ID bimong11

1) It is going to be delivered to the customers of 2nd and 4th pre-order in sequence in mid-February.
2) It is going to be delivered to the customers purchased the head in sequence in mid-February.
3) It is going to be delivered to the customers of 3rd and 5th pre-order in sequence in mid-March.


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