Psyche is now being offered in a pre-order at IpleHouse. She is the first doll listed under a new category on the company website, CREAA Doll.

Psyche may be ordered in pure white, normal, peach gold or special real resin.The CREAA-J girl is 47.5cm tall. She comes blank with flat feet and a choice of solid thighs or mobility jointed thighs. Options include a face-up, wig, eyes, white outfit, jointed resin wings (blank or painted in style A or B) and fairy feet and feelers (blank or with blushing). Psyche’s order period will be open until March 5th Korea time. Iplehouse is offering their first CREAA-J at a discounted price, and with a free giftwhen the doll is purchased with all of her additional resin parts.

From the company:

Iplehouse’s Second Brand CREAA J GRAND OPEN!

To celebrate first character Psyche in CREAA J line, we prepared a little gift.

1. If you order the doll during sales period, we will offer 10% discount.

2. If you order
“Pysche + Wing + Feeler + Fairy Feet”

we will offer
‘Natural Dress Set (Dress/Vest Dress/Low Socks)’

* Brushing is not included.