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Italian artist Linda Macario was interviewed on BJDcollectasy back in 2011. (Her original interview may be found HERE.) Back then, Linda had just begun to create dolls that were sold through Jpop Doll. Now with many more BJDs to her name, Linda continues to delight her resin doll collectors while continuing to create OOAK and porcelain dolls as well. Her personal website may be found here: Linda Macario Dolls.


Q: How do you feel your doll making has changed since you started making BJDs?

A: During these past years I constantly worked to improve my skills in sculpting BJD dolls, working on new kinds of joints to make the dolls more posable and playable. I also experimented with many different sizes, from little Penny to big Rose. I like to challenge myself and break new ground; this is why I also started the production of limited edition porcelain bjd. Work with this material provides me also with creative ideas for resin dolls.

Q: How many BJDs have you released altogether?

A: It’s a good questions, I have to say that my collaboration with Jpopdolls has been very successful in these five years and 2017 will be probably one of the most productive years ever.

This is a list of all 13 resin dolls, now sold out, I’ve created in chronological order:

May – 11 inches (human, fair skin)
Iris – 29 inches (human, fair skin, light tan skin)
Agathe – 17.7 inches (human, fair skin, light tan skin)
Mimi – 11 inches (human: fair skin, light tan skin/elf: fair skin)
Gigi – 11 inches (human: fair skin, light tan skin)
Linda – 15.7 inches (human: fair skin, tan skin/ elf:grey skin)
Giulia – 15.7 inches (human: fair skin)
Amelia – 15.7 inches (human: fair skin/tan skin)
Maya – 15.7 inches (human: fair skin)
Rose – 29 inches ( human: fair skin – 3 style faceup)
Penny – 8.6 inches (human: fair skin,tan skin/elf:fair skin)
Polly – 8.6 inches (human: fair skin/ light tan skin)
Ginny – 17.7 inches (human: fair skin)

Now on preorder until January 29th:
Ginny – light tan skin

Next dolls for 2017:
I have 3 new dolls for 2017 but they are now in progress and it’s too soon to show them.

Q: Do you think your approach to making BJDs has changed over the years?

A: My approach to BJD making is constantly evolving. With the years and practice I improved techniques and added new features to my dolls, especially in joints and poseability, Ginny’s body it was a challenge but I’m very satisfied by how she can pose.

Q: What things about BJDs do you like compared to working on OOAK or porcelain dolls?

A: When I start to sculpt a new doll I don’t know if it will be ooak, resin or porcelain. I sculpt with the same passion and attention to details. Surely working with porcelain requires some special attention because the mold making process. Plaster molds have some technical rules that must be observed. But anyhow I like to work on all of them.

Q: When you sculpt a new doll, how do you ultimately decide whether it will be porcelain, resin or OOAK?

A: When I sculpt for porcelain reproductions I need to calculate the shrinkage that this material has after the firing and some other technical issues. A popular sculpt for porcelain doll could be also become a resin, for example my next doll in the size of Penny’s body will be created from the head of Lulù  that I did in porcelain last year.
The other way, from resin to porcelain, I did it only for my Linda sculpt and in a very limited edition, one is a work in progress right now.

Q: Do you still make and sell one of a kind handmade dolls too?

A: I prefer to concentrate more on porcelain dolls in a very limited edition, usually 5 pieces per sculpt. I adore working with this material.
I also do some special customizations of my resin dolls and sell them on eBay from time to time. I would like to let your readers know that I have a newsletter on my website, this is the best way to not miss a doll.


Photos above from top: Rose, Penny Elf and Agathe

Linda Macario Dolls

Jpop Dolls


Ginny fair face-up prototype

Ginny tan face-up prototype

Light tan Penny

Light tan Penny

Linda elf, grey skin

Gigi fair skin

Mia porcelain doll

Mia porcelain doll

Porcelain Lulù

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