Mint GID Brioche

Nympheas Dolls has a new version of Brioche in glow-in-the-dark mint resin.  The pre-order is open for 1 week.

From the company:

I received this month a sample of Brioche* in Mint skin glow in dark and I could not resist to offering it to you being myself in love with this skin !

I would open the preorder from 1st to 7th February, you can adopt it with all its expressions (4 in all) or choose your favorites.
The makeup could be chosen as an option also (blush of the body and faces) and as usual you can pay in several times at your convenience.
And last reminder the shipping costs are systematically OFFERED on the site.

*Brioche is a 19 cm doll (without ears) The resin is hight quality, dense and heavy she is soft and very easy to make up. The joints are designed with several locks for better posability as well as double joints at the elbows and a special joint in the neck so that we can put him in four legs cat position. The different magnetize faces could be change in a simple gesture. For this special edition I choose a beautiful Mint color resin and which glow in the dark, once well loaded with light she shines intensely.

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